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Yol Günlükleri

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German Travelers On The Roads Of Turkey - Gernot Theiss



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German Travelers On The Roads Of Turkey - Gernot Theiss



1- Can you please tell us about yourself a bit (like age, education, proffesion etc…)

My name is Gernot Theiss and manny also call me Alien. That´s my nickname and call-sign from my military career. 

After high school I joined the German Air Force and became a navigator or Weapon System Operator (WSO) on a jet airplane (Tornado). The last 7 years of my career I was also a Tactical System Officer (TSO) on the C-160 Transall cargo airplane and was in Afghanistan manny times.  The normal retire age for this special job is 41. I added two years and so I retired at the age of 43.

2- We would like to learn about the story of your journey. How you decide it ? What was your family /firends  is reaction?

About 10 Years ago I had the ideal to circle the world without any engine. The following years I did some small tours: 2007 over the Alps by foot. 2009 to the north cap (3840km) by bike. 2010 to Marsille 1300km. 2011 to Corse and Sardenia 1500km. 

This was to test equipment and to gain some expedience in cycling and camping. Nobody knew about my plan. 4 years before the start I told my wife and she always said „if you really want to go, I can´t hold you back“.  On my last flight in november 2012 I had a party and at this occasion I presented my plan. Everybody was a little bit shocked, but most where supportive and encouraging.

3- Who or what inspired you to make this decision for your journey?

I always felt I have to try something extraordinary in my life. A big challenge and  a gerat adventure. And I always wanted to see the world. I saw some part of the world from above but now I wanted to see it from another angle.

4- Could you give some technical  information about the long road cycling?

5- Can you tell us a bit about mental preparation you do before going on a world tour?

I did a lot of research how other people did it before. I read books, searched the internet and tried new equipment. But it all comes down to the first step. Just go. Because I had the plan for more than 10 years I was always thinking about it. So mentally I was on this trip for quite some time. I also did not train (physically) for the trip. There is no way to train being on the bike for 7-10 hours every day. After 10-20 days you are anyway ging to be fit.

6- Everything about your trip so far please tell us about your overall impression, what do you think  that the conclusion will be at the end of your tour?

So far it was a great experience. Not only did I see so manny counties and cites, but I met so manny nice people and some became lifelong friends. The things you really remember are the people you meet. And as a cyclist I meet a lot of people. Especially in countries where cycling is not very common (like Turkey) the people are very interested in getting to know me. I cannot say what conclusion I will draw a the end of my trip, because I am still at the beginning of it.

7- At the end of your tour, which path will  you follow  in your professional life?

At this point I have no idea. I probably will be a different person at the end of my trip, so there are manny options and maybe some thinks I have not even thought of. I am thinking about writhing a book about the trip or maybe do some presentations. But everything ist open.

8- How do you see the status of amateur cycling in our country?

I have no insight in this topic. I only saw that some universities have cycling programs and in some cities you can find bike lans. That is a start. 

9- Here to the local or general management; Cycling activities in our country, Can you tell us what you see about the main deficiencies?

There are not manny cycling lanes, and if there are, they are sometimes in very poor condition and not thought trough. For example a nice bike lane, but at every crossing there is a 5cm drop at the sidewalk. Then I rather take the road. I think I have not seen any signs for special bike routes. In Europe there are manny long distance bike routs and most of them have good signage. You don´t need a map for sometimes 100km or more.

10- You have cycled along distances in our country. How was the peoples attitude in general. Please compare the behavior of people in other countries

In general most of the people are very nice and freindly. Especially  if you go east they really get more interested and helpful. The difference from Turkish people to lets say German: If you ask for directions to the next hotel, german people give you a good description. In turkey they take you to the next hotel, help you check in and even get you a better price. Sometimes the hospitality is even to much. If I stopp every time I am invited for a tea, I would still be somewhere in west turkey.

11- Like  food, drink, bed etc…  how do you resolve your  basic needs such as health care?

It is very easy to get food, drinks, and other things for daily life. Often I sleep in my tent and cook my own food. From time to time I go shopping and sometimes go to a restaurant. Most of the time cyclist stay healthy while on the road. An if something happens you just have to deal with it.  For the small things I have some creams and tablets.

12 - How much will the total cost of the trip. What percentage does your sponsors cover?

I try to spent about 500€ a month for everything. In Europe it can be difficult but the more east I go it´s getting cheaper.

Sponsoring is very hard to get, at least in my country. I guess it´s a small project for the big companies. I only got some equipment sponsoring but no money.

13- Finaly  do you have any topic or message you like to tell to cycling enthusiasts?

Long distance cycling is not only for the cycling. It is more to see something and meet interesting people. It is a nice combination of cycling, camping, meeting people and a great personal achievement. So if you are interested you should just plan a small trip to see if it is the right thing for you.


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